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Mouse Turd Cocktail

If you’re not following my personal account on Twitter (@SonjaFoust), you missed my saga of bugs and vermin this week.

Let’s start with the set-up before the 4th of July holiday:

There is a creepy bug in my office that looks like it stings or bites or is somehow poisonous. And IT FLIES. #quittingTime

— Sonja Foust (@SonjaFoust) June 30, 2014

Oh hell. I took a swing at the flying spider thing and…

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Microfiber Couch Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol

Microfiber Couch Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol

Do you guys ever read blog posts from people with these disclaimers all over them about not judging, i.e., “I LET MY KID EAT THREE AND A HALF DORITOS WITH HIS ALL NATURAL ORGANIC VEGAN LUNCH DON’T JUDGE ME,” or, “JESUS FUCK FINE I ADMIT IT– SOMETIMES I GO TO BED WITHOUT WASHING MY FACE DON’T JUDGE ME,” or, “#sometimesIUseMyDogAsATowel #don’tJudgeMe…” Well, this is going to be one of those posts,…

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You did the trumpet in your head, right?

You did the trumpet in your head, right?

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Online Class: Overcoming Creative Impasses

Online Class: Overcoming Creative Impasses

Guys! I’m teaching a class next month!

Remember when I wrote that Just Do It post and then My Half Assed Kitchen made me this cool graphic to go with it?

Image courtesy My Half Assed Kitchen

Image courtesy My Half Assed Kitchen

Well, I’ve taken that content and spun it into a 2-week long online class on overcoming your creative impasses.

It’s coming up quick, too! The class starts on June 16, so you don’t have much time to get your…

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When somebody very earnestly refutes something I said on my blog.


When somebody very earnestly refutes something I said on my blog.


GoPop is here! Remember that secret BETA testing we talked about? Welp, now it’s here for you all to enjoy! Basically what GoPop is, is a commentary app. We’ve made text commentary tracks for all of Series 1, providing insights, links to canon, fandom jokes, and more. We’re wrapping up on Series 2 shortly, so that’ll be available soon.

Better yet, it’s FREE! Yes, it’s only on Apple products at the moment, but it works on iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch.

You’re going to be able to make your own tracks soon as well. Just think, you can make a whole track about all the Johnlock or Sherlolly moments in the show, link to Metas in your comments, and more! That’s still in production, but it’s a taste of what is coming. In the meantime, you can add comments to our track. The more the merrier!

Here’s the full schpeel from GoPop:

We know you’re a fan of Sherlock. So are we. Think we’re entertaining? Have an iPhone and a copy of Sherlock Season 1? We’re inviting you to be one of the first to download and try the free app, the spoiler-free social TV companion featuring exclusive commentary from the Baker Street Babes!

It’s simple:

  • Follow this LINK to download the app on your iPhone (iOS 7+) from the app store
  • Watch an episode of the first season of Sherlock on any device (TV, PC, Streaming, DVR, etc.)
  • Open the app and choose the same episode
  • Press “play” on the episode and in the app at the same time
  • Follow along with content-rich commentary that is synced to the episode
  • Explore links to insightful and fun information
  • Rate the show and share with your friends on Facebook

Future features:

  • Add your own comments and share with friends and fans
  • Choose whose comments you want to see and who can see your comments
  • Automatically sync comments to the episode as you watch
  • Like, rate, post and share others’ comments
  • New episodes and other shows added soon! Let us know which you would like to see!

Thanks and we hope you enjoy this exclusive first look at!

The GOPOP.TV team

So what are you waiting for? Go get the app HERE!

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